Hello everyone! Welcome to mollyrosebalms(.weebly).com. This blog is where I will bore everyone about all of the little details involved in the production of Molly Rose Balms. I’m mainly writing in hopes that, by doing so, I might perhaps be able to stop incessantly talking about it, regardless of whether the listener is even vaguely interested.

A little background first, I think.  I had the idea for Molly Rose Balms almost exactly two years ago. I had at that point been unemployed for nearly a year and was starting to go a little cabin fever crazy. I honestly can’t remember what gave me the idea to start making lip balms. I think it was the fact that, in my boredom, I had started to watch loads and loads of YouTube beauty videos. I watched another, and then another, gathering more ideas and more research. My mom (hi Mom!), who is kind and generous, as well as a bit of an enabler for my lunacy, gave me a $100 business loan for supplies.  I came up with several different recipes, tinkered and perfected, and finally chose my favorite. I started to think that maybe I didn’t need a job after all, that I could just sell lip balms and lotions on Etsy and be happy. Then I got the call. I got a job!

My new job completely consumed all of my abundant free time and energy, so my budding business was all but forgotten. That was until this past December, when I was on short-term disability for a back injury. I suddenly had all that free time to sit (or lie down) and think about my situation. One day, I suddenly remembered my earlier plans, found my recipe book, and with the help of another business loan (thanks again, Mom!), I am back in business.

It’s still early days. I’ve sent up my Etsy shop, and now I have this website.  I’ve even made a few sales! I’m back at work, too, but now I have this fun business to come home to. I’ve been asked to sell my products in a shop that’s opening in a few months in Calvert County, MD (details soon!), and I’ve applied to exhibit at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Gaithersburg, MD, in November. Everything’s looking good so far, and I’m thrilled!


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