The most stressful, fun, infuriating, rewarding time of the year!

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, I’m currently getting ready to participate in the Carroll County Farmers Market, which will be every Saturday in Westminster, MD. Preparing for any market, show, or fair is something that I tend to put off until the last minute, and then proceed to spend the actual day of the event cursing my past self out for having done so. It’s a lot of planning, production, packing, and at the end of it all, I find that I’ve always, always forgotten to bring at least one crucial part of my setup (last time I forgot my business cards. Classic rookie mistake!)

But you know what? It’s 100% worth it. I love selling my products in person. I love talking about them, and I especially love when people discover my products for the first time. It’s so much more fulfilling than simply selling online. Don’t get me wrong: having an online business is amazing because I can share with the whole world how awesome Molly Rose Balms is. There’s just something so special about a one-on-one interaction with someone who can smell and feel and experience your products for the first time. You just can’t get that online.

So with all of the sweating, fretting, lifting, forgetting, and all of the sore muscles and screaming backs ahead, I’m so excited for this farmers market season! If you’re in the Westminster/Baltimore area this summer, please come to see me! Mention the blog, and there will be a little gift waiting for you!

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