Should you spend $8 on a bowl of vegetables?

This feels like a weird thing for me to review. I mean, it’s not exactly like Starbucks is obscure or anything. If you haven’t tried their Lentils & Vegetable Protein Bowl with Brown Rice yet, you probably at least know someone who has. I didn’t, so if you don’t either, let me be that person for you.

Starbucks describes it as: “Hearty lentils, rich butternut squash and roasted tomatoes are served over brown rice with lemon-tahini dressing, then topped with crunchy sunflower seeds. This flavor-rich bowl packs 23 grams of protein and is certified Vegan.” It also has beets, broccoli, and a few other fresh veggies as well.

To make a long story short, I tried it, and it’s delicious. Fresh, crunchy vegetables, filling lentils and brown rice, and a creamy flavorful dressing. I love the variety of textures and flavors, and all in all, it’s a very satisfying bowl.

One problem for me: the price. I think we can all agree that Starbucks is generally overpriced, but eight bucks for a fairly small bowl of inexpensive veggies and grains gives one pause for thought. Having said that, it’s an amazing option if you’re out and about and in need of something other than the typical fast food. Therefore, I give the Starbucks Lentils & Vegetable Protein Bowl with Brown Rice:


It’s a really nice, fresh, delicious option that I’ll probably end up getting whenever I have a free item on my card. That definitely makes the price sting a little less!

Have you tried the Starbucks Lentils & Vegetable Protein Bowl with Brown Rice? What are some of your favorite vegan fast food options? Let me know in the comments!


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