Sugar plums are hard candies or comfits containing spices or citrus zest; they do not contain actual plums. Not that I’d let that get in my way.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that when most people think “sugar plum”, they think “sugar + plum”. Makes sense, right? Believe it or not, sugar plums never (or rather, never traditionally) contain plums. The name simply comes from their small, round, plum-like shape. Nowadays, they may be naturally or artificially plum-flavored, and there is a modern interpretation (as in the featured image) of chopped plums, spices, and nuts that are rolled into balls and coated in purple sugar for a traditional sugar plum look.

Traditional plum-less sugar plums.

Sugar Plum Lip Scrub takes the modern version as inspiration with notes of plum, raisin, orange zest, walnut, and a variety of Christmas spices. A vision of Sugar Plum dances across the lips! As with all the Molly Rose lip scrubs, it makes a great antidote to winter dryness and preps the lips for intense moisturization from the Molly Rose lip balms. Sugar plum seemed the most natural option for a Christmas-themed lip scrub. I mean, come on, it’s got “sugar” right in the name! Add to that all of those Christmassy flavors and you’ve got yourself a real seasonal winner.

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I’ll have a recipe up on Monday for another fruity-spicy treat: Christmas Pudding Bonbons! Next week, we’ll discuss the majesty that is Magi Shimmer Balm, a rich body balm full of glittering golden opulence.


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