You can’t please all the people all of the time, but sometimes you make things that are natural crowd-pleasers.

My aunt doesn’t like anything I make. I think it’s safe to say that she hasn’t tasted a single thing I’ve cooked since going vegan, slathers on store-bought lotion on her chapped skin instead of using one of my body balms that would actually give her relief, and she routinely “has a stuffy nose” whenever I ask for her opinion on a new fragrance. Never mind that she can smell when someone is having a barbecue three blocks away – she somehow still can’t smell the concentrated fragrance directly under her nose.

There is one shining magical exception to this: Lime Coconut Lip Balm. She loves the stuff. It was one of my very first lip balms, and she refuses to use anything else. With its blend of rich cocoa butter, creamy coconut oil, and zesty lime essential oil, who could blame her? It’s such a classic combination, reminiscent of summertime and lazy days on the beach, and perfect to evoke those feelings all year long. Believe me, if she loves it, ANYONE will!

Enjoy Lime Coconut Lip Balm, as well as Chocolate Coconut Lip Balm, all year long!

Next week, we’ll look at another family favorite when we revisit the Summer Body Balms Collection with Island Body Balm, my mom’s favorite body product.

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