Our third and final bit of bacon-y goodness incorporates the only thing that could make bacon better: CHOCOLATE!

There are so many great ways for vegans to enjoy bacon. From McCormick Bac’n Pieces (I personally prefer chips to bits) to bacon-flavored Ritz crackers to actual vegan bacon strips (my favorite is the Lightlife Smart Bacon), vegans are pretty much covered in terms of smoky, crispy goodness. Vegans have the chocolate game nailed, too. From chocolate chips to milk and dark chocolate bars to chocolate cheesecake, it’s hard to turn around and NOT see vegan chocolate!

But there are times in life, and it pains me to say this, that you can’t just instantly get your fix of bacon or chocolate. I know, it’s awful. So what’s a person to do? Be prepared at all times with Chocolate-Covered Bacon Lip Balm, a sweet and savory confection of thick-cut applewood smoked bacon drenched in rich dark chocolate. Don’t leave home without it!

Get your hands on the 3 Strips of Bacon Gift Set today!

In case you didn’t see my announcement on Instagram, please come and see me this weekend at the Hyattsville Arts & Ales Festival! Details and directions here.

Next week, we stray away from bacon with Citrus Almond Lip Scrub, and the incredible feats of engineering required to make it.

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