A fresh and fruity concoction for fall!

There are many difficult choices we make in life. Where to go to school, what to wear on that important job interview, what to name our children. But the most difficult and important choice we will ever make is one we make yearly. Jellied or whole berry? That’s right: one’s choice of cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving (and Christmas) is of greatest significance.

As children, we enjoy the simple pleasures of jellied cranberry sauce: the smooth consistency, the tangy flavor, and, most importantly, the satisfyingly perfect can shape that remains even after being de-canned. But as we grow older, our palettes become more sophisticated. We crave vibrance. We crave texture. We crave cranberry relish.

Cranberry Relish Lip Balm is that grown-up blend of cranberries, orange zest, and warm autumnal spices, with notes of whiskey and vanilla bean. It’s sweet yet tart, fresh yet cozy. It’s one of those scents that can be enjoyed all year long because it has that fruitiness AND that spiciness all in one.

Stop by the blog on Tuesday when I’ll have a recipe for real cranberry relish that you will absolutely love for for your Thanksgiving dinner! (Though I should mention, I’m not at all a jellied cranberry sauce hater, and I love them both equally. Just sayin’.)

Next week, we’ll talk about the companion to Cranberry Relish, Cornbread Stuffing Lip Balm, and why it holds the key to the magic of fragrance.

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