A Thanksgiving classic becomes a perplexingly appealing lip balm.

Smell is a strange sense. It is powerful. It is emotional. It is elusive; often we recognize a smell but just can’t quite place it, frustrating us nearly to the point of madness. Imagine the combination of a kind of popcorn-y smell, herbal notes, a whisper of… onion, and… what is that? Lavender? It’s quite rich but at the same time fresh. God, what IS that?

That is the general reaction from people when I have them blind-test Cornbread Stuffing Lip Balm. It is almost universally liked, but no one is able to come even close to guessing what it is. Interestingly, people are more inclined to like it before they know what it’s supposed to be. I suppose it’s a little weird to be slathering on stuffing-scented lip balm, but when you enjoy it simply for its herbes de Provence and sweet corn notes, it’s a potent yet clean scent, and a perfect accompaniment to Cranberry Relish Lip Balm!

I just want to take a moment to point out the fact that this is my 100th post, and to thank all of those who have read, followed, and/or commented on my blog. I really never thought that I would enjoy this nearly as much as I do, and part and the reason I enjoy it so much is seeing all of you enjoying it, too.

The Molly Rose Holiday Collection has arrived! Next week, we’ll learn all about the next member of the collection, Humbug Lip Balm, and find out what exactly Scrooge was exclaiming about.

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