In a kaleidoscopic sea of colors and flavors to choose from, start the new year by going back to basics.

When I started tinkering with lip balm recipes, long before I started Molly Rose Balms, there was a lot of trial and error. To say that I went through hundreds of trials would probably be accurate. I didn’t want it to be hard and waxy, soft and melty, or just plain ineffective. The final result is what I personally consider to be the ultimate lip balm experience.

Original Lip Balm is a bit of a misnomer – even after all of those trials, even after the launching of Molly Rose Balms, I have continued to improve upon the formula of all of my products. From mango butter to shea butter to finally cocoa butter, removing any oils ineffective in improving the feel of the product. The only thing that has remained the same is the perfect ratio of butters to coconut oil to plant-based wax.

All of my lip balms, including Original Lip Balm, have a luxurious, slick, and slippery application. As the oils and butters are absorbed into the skin, your lips will be left feeling velvety soft, with a lovely and subtle sheen. For some people, this gives the impression that the lip balm must be reapplied more frequently as the low wax content allows the other ingredients to penetrate rather than just sitting on top of the skin. While there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply more (and believe me, I’m definitely a serial applier), feel confident in the fact that this lip balm is doing exactly what it needs to do.

100_2493 - Copy.JPG
Photo taken 5 years ago today!

Next week, we’ll continue the simple life with the very popular unscented Smooth Body Balm, and the special ingredient that gives it is golden hue.

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