Chocolate and mint, highlighted by coffee. The perfect flavor combination. The ultimate olfactory delight. The irritating knowledge that it’s only available seasonally. Why is that? Doesn’t mint grow in the summer? Wouldn’t that cool chocolaty sensation be welcome in the hot summer months? That’s what I’d think, but apparently, not many people do.

The fact is, seasonal items just don’t sell out of season. As much as I personally love a Pumpkin Cider Lip Balm in the spring or enjoy a Poinsettia Body Balm in June, they just don’t sell. If you’re like me and enjoy these seasonal scents any time of year, be sure to stock up while you can (only one more week)!

Peppermint Mocha Lip Balm is one such scent. Creamy smooth espresso coffee, rich dark chocolate, and sweet fresh peppermint – evocative of Christmas shopping trips, arms lined with bags of presents, and stepping into a warmly-lit coffeehouse for a fortifying cup of your favorite hot beverage.

While a cool peppermint mocha (over ice, of course) might be refreshing in the summer months, it’s just not what most people gravitate towards. Having said that, if you’re like me and you love the Christmassy products all year long, feel free to contact me for seasonal products at anytime.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the Red Rose Salt Bomb, a gorgeous bath bomb / salt scrub combo scented with the same fragrance as the Holly Berry Lip & Cheek Tint!

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