Who doesn’t love the glorious combination of chocolate and mint? From Girl Scout cookies to Starbucks drinks, mint chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser. Featured in the Vegan Cuts February 2014 Beauty Box, Mint Truffle is a delightful infusion of dark chocolate and sweet mint flavors.

January’s Flavor of the Month is Mint Truffle Lip Balm. As this is the first Product Profile for a Flavor of the Month, I’ll give you a little bit of info. You can buy a subscription to the Molly Rose Balms Flavor of the Month Club for 12 or 6 months, in either full-size or sample-size. Throughout 2017, I’ll be profiling all of the monthly flavors as they appear in the shop. You can, of course, buy all of the monthly flavors individually as they come out, but you’ll definitely save yourself time and money with a subscription!

Mint Truffle is a velvety combination of dark chocolate and mint. It is traditional for chocolate to solely be paired with peppermint, but I enjoy the fullness of flavor imparted by adding spearmint and wintergreen (which isn’t actually mint, but hey, it’s minty!). It’s definitely one of the most popular of the monthly flavors, too. So much so that Vegan Cuts included Mint Truffle in their February 2014 Beauty Box. Here are some of the reactions:

You see, you can’t really go wrong with this one! Cool, creamy, and refreshing, Mint Truffle is a great winter to-go flavor. Don’t forget to check out all of the Flavor of the Month subscription options (order by midnight EST on January 15th to start your subscription with this flavor!).

Next week, we’ll discuss another cool and refreshing balm: Cool Eucalyptus Body Balm, my go-to soooooothing balm!

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