With Easter just under a month away, we continue to pilfer our Easter baskets for more Easter candy classics. This week, we’re gorging on creamy and crunchy malted milk eggs.

I’ll be honest. I’m not really partial to malted milk balls. I’m not really sure why, to be honest. It seems like a great idea for a candy: crisp, airy balls of creamy sugary-ness, coated in milk chocolate (or, in the case of the Easter robins’ egg version, a colorful crunchy sugar coating). But they’ve never really been my thing. I do, however, enjoy the smell of the malted milk mingling with milk chocolate. Thus, a lip balm was born.

Malt Egg Lip Balm combines that rich malt flavor with creamy milk chocolate. It’s subtle and satisfying, sweet but never cloying. It’s a great flavor for springtime as it has a weight to it without actually being too heavy. It definitely makes me think of Easter candy, despite the fact that I never actually ate the malt eggs the Easter Bunny put in my basket as a kid.

You can find Malt Egg Lip Balm, along with the rest of the Molly Rose Easter Collection, in the Easter Basket 4-Tube Gift Roll.

Next week, we’ll enjoy the delights of my favorite in the Molly Rose Easter Collection, Jellybean Lip Balm, and discuss why the infamous licorice ones aren’t as terrible as they may seem! Also, come back on Monday for my recipe for Easter Rice Pie!

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