Lent is here with Easter just around the corner, and while there are many delicious Easter treats to look forward to, there is one in particular that we vegans are missing out on.

I love marshmallows – in cocoa, in s’mores, or straight out of the bag, it’s tough to beat that fresh, fluffy, sugary goodness. Peeps were always one of my favorite Easter candies (though in recent years they have evolved into a year-round candy aisle takeover), apart from chocolate, of course. When I became a vegan, I had to say goodbye to my sweet little friends. I decided to pay homage to the beloved Easter basket treasure in lip balm form.

Marshmallow Chicks Lip Balm is a sweet and subtle vanilla flavored lip balm, inspired by everyone’s favorite gelatin-laced candy. Subtlety is key here: too much flavor, and the lip balm is cloying and unpleasant; too little, and the marshmallow-y sweetness is lost.

(Also, you can totally make your own vegan marshmallow chicks by slightly softening some vegan marshmallows in the microwave, molding them into chicks with your hands, and rolling them in colored sugar… but that’s another post for another day.)

You can find Marshmallow Chicks Lip Balm, along with the rest of the Molly Rose Easter Collection, in the Easter Basket 4-Tube Gift Roll.

Next week, we’ll tackle Malt Egg Lip Balm, a creamy dreamy whopper of Easter candy deliciousness!

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