I can still remember the first time I ever tasted Abuelita hot chocolate (probably 25 years ago????). I’ve always loved hot chocolate, but there’s something so magical about the combination of creamy sweet hot chocolate and warm spicy cinnamon. To be honest, I rarely make it because it’s so rich that I’m rarely in the mood for it; however, I’m always prepared for the rich aroma.

One of only two of the lip balms from my original collection to have made the transition to the Flavor of the Month Collection (the other being Roses & Chocolate), Mexican Hot Chocolate was developed quite early in 2013 to be a year-round lip balm. I do recognize the fact that, being based on a hot beverage, it’s perhaps better suited for the wintertime. I made it May’s Flavor of the Month because of a loose Cinco de Mayo connection. Basically, I needed a flavor for May, and this seemed as good as any. I may (ha!) change it at some point, but for now, you’ll need to stock up in May for this cozy treat!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Lip Balm is made with unrefined cocoa butter for a rich and chocolaty aroma, and infused with real cinnamon essential oil for that spicy touch. There is just enough cinnamon for a beautiful fragrance but without the spicy burn that many cinnamon-laced products have. My favorite touch to Mexican Hot Chocolate Lip Balm is the decorative cocoa drizzle on top. It can give a slightly brown tint to the lip balm, but of course that will go away once the drizzle is gone.

My muse, my goddess.

I actually like using Mexican Hot Chocolate Lip Balm in May because I really love cold weather, and the cozy warmth of this scent puts back in that chilly, need-some-hot-chocolate-to-warm-up mood.

Next week, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’ll learn all about the spicy-sweet delights of Sugar & Spice Lip Scrub. Speaking of Mother’s Day, use coupon code “MOMBALM” on mollyrosebalms.com for FREE SHIPPING on all US orders through May 9th!

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