Rose is my middle name. I mean it literally is my middle name, but also, I’m obsessed with roses. I can’t get enough of the colors, shapes, aromas, and especially the flavor. The flavor of rose may not be everyone’s cup of tea (ha, tea rose… ), but when blended with chocolate in a lip balm, it becomes something truly special.

Way back when I first started Molly Rose Balms (4 years ago this week!), I had very few lip balms for sale in my Etsy shop: Original, Wintergreen, and Roses & Chocolate. Roses & Chocolate Lip Balm was the special one, the flavor combination that inspired me to pursue MRB. Sure, a plain lip balm and a “minty” lip balm are important staples in any line, but the idea of combining rose, my ultimate in flavor, with rich and creamy cocoa was something I’d never seen before and have virtually never seen since.

A screenshot from my very first day having an Etsy shop. Unfortunately, Roses & Chocolate (and Wintergreen, apart from samples) are not visible in the shot.

Originally the recipe used alcohol-based rose flavor extracts obtained from my local Asian market. Today, I use only 100% pure organic rose absolute. The quality of the product has improved, both in ingredients as well as formulation.

It was honestly a tough decision to make Roses & Chocolate part of the Flavor of the Month Club because it is so near and dear to my heart, but it seemed the obvious choice for February. There are several rose-inspired products available year-round, such as Everything Nice Lip & Cheek Tint and Black Rose Salt Bomb, but Roses & Chocolate is still available NOW (just in time for Valentine’s Day) through the end of the month!

Next week, we’ll take a look at another romantic rose-laced product, Fairy Garden Body Scrub, my first ever body scrub that once looked significantly different from how it looks now.

3 thoughts on “Product Profile: Roses & Chocolate Lip Balm

  1. Your products just keep getting better and better! I love them. I could cover my whole body in them. Oh, that’s right! Your body balms do that. Thanks Molly Rose balms!

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