With just a few more days until the official start of summer, take a quick trip to tropical paradise.

Living in Maryland, I have had the luxury most summers in my life to visit the beach once or twice. Not much in this world makes me happier than the sounds, sights, and particularly the smells of the ocean: salt air, vinegary boardwalk fries, salt water taffy, and steamed crabs on every corner (well, you knew it would mostly be food, right?). Of course Maryland isn’t exactly a tropical paradise, but I think we all collectively like to pretend by layering on the heavy heady scent of tanning oil. Full of rich fruits and tropical flowers, tanning oil is everywhere at the beach in the summertime, especially when I was growing up. One famous drugstore brand stands out in my olfactory memory in particular. Unfortunately, with its base of petro-chemicals and lanolin, I’m not so crazy about the idea of using that anymore. So of course I made my own.

Tropical Body Balm is an oasis of fruity-floral summer escape from the daily grind with notes of guava, mango, and coconut, and infused with kukui nut and maracuja oil. It’s sweet and soft and beachy, all in one. The classic scent makes for a surefire gift as well!

Try all three of the Molly Rose Summer Body Balms all year long!

Next week, check back for info on Margarita Body Scrub, and why I am always prepared for a margarita, also known as my idea of a perfect beverage. Also check back for a vegan recipe on Tuesday for my take on the Maryland classic, cream of crab soup!

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