A favorite summer beverage becomes a year-round lip and cheek tint.

Bare faced with Birch Beer on the lips.

If you’ve ever been to an East Coast state, you may have come across birch beer. Creamy and foamy like root beer but with a distinctive, wintergreen-like flavor, birch beer is a refreshing summertime classic soda around these parts. Like cream soda, it comes in many colors, but the most iconic is dark brick red. I knew way back when I started Molly Rose Balms in 2013 that I wanted a birch beer-themed product, though originally it was to be a lip scrub. It didn’t take long for me to decide that it should instead be my very first lip tint.

Birch Beer Lip & Cheek Tint is just what you’d expect: a gorgeous brick-red tint, perfect for deep lip color or sheered-out cheeks, made from the rich and moisturizing Molly Rose formula and scented with real organic birch oil. It’s definitely a color that looks different in different lighting. You’ll see in the main photo how it looks like a cool red, but in the photo where I’m wearing it, it looks corally-orange. I find that it usually falls somewhere in the middle. Like with the rest of my lip and cheeks tints, I find that I get the most even and opaque coverage when I warm the tube in my hand or packet for a couple of minutes before application.

Next week will be the Product Profile for September’s Flavor of the Month, but in the meantime, you have less than a week to order Tropicolada Lip Balm! Don’t wait!


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