The last, but not least, Flavor of the Month!

From the very first time I watched Mary Poppins as a toddler, I have been an Anglophile. My dream has always been to move to London one day. I watch as much British TV as PBS and YouTube will allow me to. My DVD collection has more britcoms than actual movies. And one British Christmassy thing that I used to used to cherish in my house was Christmas pudding. Dense and rich, full of fruity boozy flavor. Of course, Christmas puddings (at least the store-bought ones) aren’t vegan, so I upgraded to vegan Christmas Pudding Bonbons.

The final flavor of the year was one of the first to be created, though it was many months before I came up with the idea of the Flavor of the Month lip balm club. Back in the summer of 2013, I was starting to plan for Molly Rose Balms’s first ever holiday season. I knew that I wanted to have flavors of lip balm that I’d never seen before. Many of the flavors from the Molly Rose Holiday Collection are from that very first year, but one became the quintessential December flavor.

Figgy Pudding Lip Balm is a jackpot of Christmassy flavors: the rich flavor of dried fruits, nuts, sweet spices, and flaming brandy butter. Not too spiced, not too sweet, but absolutely bursting with seasonal flavor!

As the year draws to its close, so too does our collection of Flavors of the Month. Next week, we’ll see the culmination of all of these months with the Flavor of the Month subscription options. It is the perfect gift to give to someone to make the spirit of giving last all year!


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