The gift that keeps on giving!

When I was a kid, I loved perusing the seasonal gift catalogs that would flood our mailbox starting mid-October-ish. Most kids would probably be more interested in toy and game catalogs, but I really loved the food ones. Harry & David, Swiss Colony, Vermont Country Store… all filled with shinily wrapped gifts of fruits and candies. At any other time I certainly preferred the candy over the fruit, but I loved the Fruit of the Month pages.  Month after month of juicy pears, crisp apples, aromatic oranges. On and on throughout the year, you could have perfectly ripe fruit delivered to you. I always loved that idea more than any of the meat and cheese trays or chocolate truffle towers. I guess that idea stuck with me into adulthood.

It was around May-ish of 2014 when I decided to start the Flavor of the Month subscription. It took me a little time to work out all the details, but now it has evolved into something that I’m incredibly proud of. It goes without saying that it makes an amazing gift to give to the lip balm lover in your life, including yourself. Available in 6-month and 12-month options of either full-size tubes or sample-size jars, it’s completely customizable to your gift-giving needs. What a wonderful gift to give to show you care, that lasts all year long!

Next week, we’ll enjoy some much-needed holiday relaxation with the White Snowflake Salt Bomb and discuss the importance of self care, especially during this hectic time of year.


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