Unwind from the holiday chaos with this bath bomb / soap bar combo.

Admit it. You’ve been crazy busy this month. You’ve been running around, buying presents, making cookies and other goodies, putting up the tree, lights, and decorations, writing cards, and on and on and on. Did you remember to take care of everything on your list? And did you remember to take care of yourself? Imagine submerging yourself in a warm bath perfumed with sweet nutmeg, fresh lemon, and creamy vanilla. Soak away your stress and conquer the hectic season!

The White Snowflake Salt Bomb is perfect gift to yourself or anyone on your list. An absolutely GIANT bath bomb weighing in at over 17 ounces (500 grams), it’s large enough to be broken up to use in ~3 baths, or in one incredibly decadent soak! Inside the bath bomb is a sea salt encrusted bar of soap, perfect for exfoliating your winter-worn and worry-worn skin. The creamy yet zesty fragrance is the same used in Snowball Lip Balm – luscious brandied egg nog with a lemony twist.

Tomorrow is the last chance to order with Express shipping to receive your package by Christmas. Next week, we’ll take a look at one of my wackier and wonderful-er gift sets with the 3 Strips of Bacon Gift Set!




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