How to tell when your brand is on the right track.

It’s funny: in many ways, I don’t feel qualified to write on this subject. In my mind, my brand is in a constant state of flux. And of course it is, just like almost any other brand out there.

When I started Molly Rose Balms back in 2013, much of my branding was quite rushed and temporary-feeling. My original logo was not meant to be permanent, and it wasn’t. My labeling and website were simple and clean-looking, and while they do retain those qualities, they are more polished now.

For now, I’m happy with the look of Molly Rose Balms, but I know things can and should look better. I have never hired a graphic designer, a fact that I feel is unfortunately abundantly clear. I’ve just relied on trial and error in designing the website, the blog, the business cards, everything.

I think the moral of the story is to just start somewhere. Start with something, and know that you can always tweak and improve. Things don’t have to be perfect at first! But you have to start somewhere, at some point.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the look of my brand, and that maybe I might want a complete makeover. But to be honest, I love the clean, elegant black-and-white look. It wasn’t ever going to be a permanent look, though. I simply went in that direction because of the fact it was cheaper to only use black ink on the labels! Now it’s evolved into a look that I love. And it keeps in evolving.

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