Welcome to the very first Molly Rose Product Profile! Today’s product is the very popular Black Rose Salt Bomb. Let’s get started!

Just what exactly is a salt bomb? It’s a HUGE bath bomb that contains a small single-use soap bar studded with exfoliating sea salt. I say single-use, but in reality, you could probably get about 3-4 full body treatments from it. In fact, the bath bomb itself is so huge (about 10 OUNCES!), that you can definitely break it in half to use a second time.

I was first given the idea to do bath bombs by my best friend about three years ago, not long after I started Molly Rose Balms. To say that I struggled to make them is an understatement… in fact, to say that it is an understatement is in itself an understatement. Anyone who has tried to make bath bombs knows that delicate balance between reactivity, durability, and having an actually pleasant product (one that smells and feels amazing) is a special kind of alchemy that is all too easy to give up mastering. And I did give up… about three times over the course of as many years.

So what finally clinched it? Well it was January, the post-Christmas slump got me a little blue, so I decided to pick up the ol’ bath bomb thing again. I had known right from the start in 2013 that I wanted them rose-shaped, but I had recently updated my logo to a black rose (which I’ve always been really obsessed with), so I thought about starting with a black rose-shaped bath bomb. Problem, though… would anyone actually want a black bath bomb? Seems a bit weird. I googled “black bath bomb” and… nothing. Now I’m all for originality (hello, Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm?), but maybe I’d gone a little too far this time. Back to my original scent and color idea (still keeping that one a secret). Little did I know that, as I was FINALLY perfecting my formula, a black bath bomb phenomenon was flourishing. More on that later.

And where did the idea of the salt bar center come from? Yeah, I have no idea. I mean, I had already bought the molds for another (failed) experiment, and I guess I bought a salt bar for personal use around the same time that I came across the supplies from my vendor’s website to make them… somewhere along the line I put two and two together. This was back in early 2014, and to this day I still haven’t found anyone making a product like it. Being of a nervous disposition, I sometimes think that bath bombs and salt bars aren’t “supposed” to go together because I’ve never come across anything like my salt bombs, but I’ve tested and tested and tested them, and believe me, it’s a match made in heaven!

Alright, so it’s June. We’ve got our bath bomb in all its silky, moisturizing, durable, bubbly glory, and we’ve got the super-awesome salt bar center. Sigh… I just think it would be cool to make a black rose to match the logo. Sigh… Let’s just take another gander on the Googles again, shall we?… Oh. My. God. Black bath bombs. Black bath bombs EVERYWHERE. YES!! Ok, so back to the drawing board for stain-resistance (NOT EASY!) and, certainly even more importantly to me, the perfect fragrance. At first, thought about using something black as the base note. Licorice? Too polarizing. Black pepper? Sounds downright painful in a  bath situation. Hmm, forget that. Just make it anything you love, because this is Black Rose. This is your baby.IMG_20160722_210304_grande

Black Rose is the inaugural scent for the salt bombs, and think it’s going to be our signature scent, soon to find its way into every product line (you heard it here first, folks!). As far as its notes, rose is certainly at its heart, but it’s enriched by many other gorgeous things like sandalwood, patchouli, coconut, and spices. In my imagination, it’s the smell of an Indian bazaar… beautiful and heady and dreamy. It’s everything I love in fragrance, and therefore everything I love about Molly Rose Balms.

WHOO! That was a long one! I promise they will NOT all be that long. I just love this sucker. I hope that you try it and love it nearly as much as I do. Next week, I’ll be talking about Pumpkin Cider Lip Balm, a limited-time product available now through the end of the year! Once again, if you have any suggestions for content that you’d like to see on this blog, including which product you’d like me to profile next, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for reading!



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