A sweet and cozy autumnal bath treat for any time of year.

I’ve always been more of a fall/winter person, and although in recent years I’ve come to appreciate the spring and summer more, I don’t think anyone can argue that autumn and winter scents are far superior to their warmer-weather counterparts. Sure, fruity florals are nice enough, but give me a spicy, cozy scent any day. Especially when it’s adding its fragrance to a nice hot bath.

Despite what the name would suggest, Gold Rose Salt Bomb has no rose scent whatsoever; rather, it’s a spicy-sweet blend of warm baked pumpkin and spiced apples with fresh ginger, exactly the same as Pumpkin Cider Lip Balm. Gold Rose has the added advantage of being available all year long, so you can treat yourself to a rich and moisturizing bath experience any time of year.


Just what exactly is a salt bomb? It’s a HUGE bath bomb that contains a small single-use soap bar studded with exfoliating sea salt. I say single-use, but in reality, you could probably get about 3-4 full body treatments from it. In fact, the bath bomb itself is so huge (about 10 OUNCES!), that you can definitely break it in half to use a second time. You can read more about its development in the Product Profile for the Black Rose Salt Bomb.

Next week, we’re looking at the candy-inspired Chocolate Coconut Lip Balm, just in time for Halloween!

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