Pineapple is the greatest pizza topping in the known universe. If you do not now feel the need to angrily mash your keyboard in protest, then this lip balm is for you.

Pineapple on pizza has been in the news recently, polarizing world citizens and world leaders alike. My personal belief is that pineapple is the golden crown that all pizzas should wear. This lip balm is my homage to said topping.

Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm is a sweet and savory combination of hearty tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, smoky bacon, and gloriously ripe pineapple. It’s a fun combination that makes a great gift for your favorite pizza lover. I do recognize the fact that it is a very niche product, but I think anyone on either side of The Great Pineapple Debate would enjoy the novelty of such a fun lip balm!

You can also find Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm in the Dude Balm 3-Pack, along with Whisky Lip Balm and Cheese & Onion Crisps Lip Balm.

Next week will be the Product Profile for March’s Flavor of the Month (any guesses?), but in the meantime, there are only a few days left to go to get your hands on Roses & Chocolate Lip Balm before it’s gone for another year. Don’t wait!


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