No Easter candy-themed line would be complete without the quintessential Easter candy: sweet and chewy jelly beans.

I’ll admit it: this one is my favorite of the Easter Collection. Which is kind of crazy because, even though I always liked jellybeans, they’ve never been what I’d consider my favorite Easter (or any time) candy. I’ve always been more of a chocolate kinda girl. But as far as non-chocolaty delights go, jelly beans are about as Easter-y as they come.

Except for the licorice. No one eats the licorice.

There is a vegan alternative for everything! No gelatin, no beeswax, and best of all, no licorice!

Jellybean Lip Balm is an amalgamation of all of the classic jelly bean flavors: grape, lemon, lime, cherry, raspberry, orange, pineapple… and yes, even the faintest of tiny whispers of those licorice ones settled at the bottom of the bag. It’s fruity and sweet but not cloyingly so, and an absolute delight at any time of year! If you can only get one lip balm from the Molly Rose Easter Collection, I seriously recommend you get this one!

You can find Jellybean Lip Balm, along with the rest of the Molly Rose Easter Collection, in the Easter Basket 4-Tube Gift Roll.

We will be taking a short break from Easter goodies next week so that I can bring you April’s BRAND NEW Flavor of the Month! Can you guess what it is? You have less than a week to pick up your Irish Coffee Lip Balm before it’s gone, so don’t wait!

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