What are little boys made of? Why, a sugary sweet explosion of fruity flavor, of course!

When I came up with the IT’S A BABY! line, the girls were easy. I already had the Everything Nice Lip & Cheek Tint down, and Sugar & Spice Lip Scrub is pretty self-explanatory. But “snips and snails and a puppy dog’s tail”?? What do you make out of that? It took a significant amount of brainstorming to find the answers.

Snips & Snails Lip Scrub is my take on gummy snails candy. Oh, you’ve never seen gummy snails? Well, neither had I, actually (until I started researching to see if it was a real thing). In fact, the snails in the product photo were made by yours truly out of hot glue! The lip scrub smells significantly better than hot glue, though. It’s full of fruity flavor, not completely dissimilar to my Jellybean Lip Balm scent, so if you missed out on that bestseller at Eastertime, now’s your chance! I should also mention that it featured in  the Vegan Cuts July 2016 Beauty Box, and has been super popular ever since!

Like with all of my products, Snips & Snails makes a great add-on to any gift for a special, personal touch. In the case of the It’s a Baby! Collection, the items also make great baby shower favors! You can also receive a FREE Pickles & Ice Cream Lip Balm when you purchase the It’s a Baby! Gift Set.IMG_20170502_113615_439~2

Next week, we’ll discuss the infamous Puppy Dog’s Tail Lip Balm, and why I feel the need to make such strange flavors.

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