When you think of lip balm flavors, what comes to mind? Cherry? Peppermint? How about corn dog?

Yes, you read that right: corn dog flavored lip balm. Why, you may ask? Well, as I mentioned for Snips & Snails, I had trouble coming up with the “It’s a Boy!” portion of my “IT’S A BABY!” Collection. “Snips and snails” turned into Snips & Snails Lip Scrub, flavored like gummy snails candy, but “a puppy dog’s tail”?? What flavor could that be?

Polish dogs coated in sweet cornbread and slathered in yellow mustard. That’s right, Puppy Dog’s Tail Lip Balm really, truly is a corn dog flavored lip balm. It’s crazy, I know, but I’ve worked on perfecting the flavor for nearly two years, and if you or someone you love just can’t get enough of unique lip balm flavors, then THIS, my friend, is perfect for you!

Puppy Dog’s Tail is not long for this world, however. I’ve racked my brain for years trying to think of a better flavor solution to my problem, and it finally dawned on me about a month ago.


PUPPY CHOW! Of course! Sweet and crunchy chocolate peanut butter heaven! As of July 1st, Puppy Dog’s Tail Lip Balm as we know it will no longer be available. The balm (retaining the same name) will be chocolate-peanut flavored. During the month of June, the current Puppy Dog’s Tail Lip Balm will be 75% OFF!

Speaking of June, next week’s Product Profile is for June’s Flavor of the Month. It’s another strange and unique lip balm flavor, but one that is incredibly rich and evocative of the upcoming summer months.

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