Backyard barbecues, lightning bugs, cicadas in the trees, and warm breezy evenings. June has arrived!

I’ve made it no secret that I prefer the colder months. I don’t like the heat, I’m not outdoorsy AT ALL, and the DC humidity and I are not friends. But I have to say, I love a good cookout. The smell of burning charcoal, the smoky crispness of grilled food, and about five times more potato salad and watermelon than is reasonable to consume are summer’s saving graces, in my book.

Cookout Lip Balm is an unexpected delight, and not necessarily one people would naturally gravitate toward. It has a definite smoky applewood aroma, true, but it’s mellowed with sweet barbecue spices like clove and a touch of molasses. Cookout is intensely flavored, but not overpowering or cloying. It’s a pleasure to use and a rare, almost exotic treat, based on a seasonal event we all know and love.

While I would never suggest that guys can’t enjoy any of my lip balms, I think that this particular flavor is very popular with men especially. Anytime I’m at a craft or trade show and manage to wrangle a guy over to my booth, this is usually the first one he’ll try (perhaps more out of curiosity rather than interest?). This, or Bacon Lip Balm. It might be something to keep in mind for Father’s Day (hint hint)!

The perfect dessert at any cookout is s’mores, so next week we’ll delve into the smoky creaminess that is S’mores Lip Balm, when I’ll share my perfect vegan s’more components.

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