In the peak of summer’s heat, nothing is more welcome than a cool fruity rum cocktail of tropical goodness.

I love a nice, sweet, summery cocktail, and the more tropical fruits included, the better. Pineapple, coconut, mango, banana, passionfruit, guava… all welcome to my party. And nothing mixes better (in my opinion) than rum, preferably dark. It puts me in a beachy sort of mood, whether I can make it to the beach or not!

Tropicolada Lip Balm encapsulates these flavors into one convenient lip balm. Creamy and dreamy, fruity and sweet; and with a touch of rum, it’s excellent for the summer, or to keep with you all winter long. Don’t wait to order it, though – Tropicolada is only available through the end of August!

Next week, in celebration of National Peach Month, we’ll learn the history of the oft-forgotten Kiss of Love Body Balm, and why this particular scent hasn’t been super-publicized, even though it’s super-popular.

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