Peaches and cherries… so why is it purple?

I take inspiration for flavors and fragrances from all sorts of sources. Sometimes I base things off of favorite foods. Favorite smells. Places. Memories. Emotions. Traditions. People. Thoughts. Suggestions.

And sometimes I get free fragrance samples in the mail.

Yep. Some company that I bought a fragrance oil from once (and for the life of me, I can’t remember which) sent me a gift with purchase of a copycat fragrance oil of Victoria’s Secret Love Spell. Normally I don’t like the idea of a pre-packaged copycat fragrance; that is, if I like an otherwise commercially available scent, I’d rather mix my own version than use a straight copy. However, since it was only a sample, and since I figured it would be pretty popular (those whiz kids over at VS know a thing or two about what’s popular), I decided to make a mini-batch of body balms with it. The name and purple color of the balm are simply a nod to Love Spell.

Well, kids, that first batch of Kiss of Love Body Balm sold out in less than a day. I guess the summery fruity-floral scent of peach blossoms and cherries does sound rather enticing. These days, I blend up my own mix (and it’s pretty spot on, I must say), so no more copycatting. As we know, VS is not cruelty-free, so it’s a perfect option for those who love Love Spell but aren’t into their less-than-savory industrial practices.

Next week, we’re keeping our soft summer skin shining with Sun Body Balm, the last in the Summer Body Balm collection, and discuss the pros and cons of natural sunscreen.

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