Try to name a weirder lip balm flavor combination. I’ll wait.

Before we get into the description, I’ll just go ahead and answer the most obvious question most people have regarding this flavor: WHY?! Why would I ever make such an obviously gross flavor. Why would I take the rich and moisturizing Molly Rose formula and add onions to it? Why would anyone want to buy it? I’m afraid the answer is an honest and unsatisfying I don’t know. Sorry.

The inspiration for Cheese & Onion Crisps Lip Balm came from my original supplier for the flavor oils. Quite simply, they had cheese flavor, and they onion flavor. It made me think back to my 2006 trip to London, where cheese and onion crisps are a common pub bar snack (it’s not really a common potato chip flavor here in the States). I thought it might be a funny flavor, possibly for my April Fools’ series, but then I thought about how funny it would be to add it to my Dude Balm Collection, which I’ve mentioned before.

You can also find Cheese & Onion Crisps Lip Balm in the Dude Balm 3-Pack.

Did I think it would sell? No, not really, apart from possibly the occasional gag-gift. Has it sold? Yeah, though I’m sure that 99% sold are purchased as gag-gifts. It’s weird, it’s always been weird, it always will be weird. But who doesn’t like weird once in a while?

Cheese & Onion Crisps Lip Balm is a knock-your-socks-off oniony extravaganza, mellowed ever so slightly by a hint of creamy mild Cheddar cheese. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized I never actually added a potato element to the formula, so soon I’ll either reformulate or (more likely) change the name to Cheese & Onion Lip Balm. Oops.

Next week, we’ll take a look at August’s Flavor of the Month. In the meantime, you still have a couple more days to get July’s flavor, Red, White, & Blueberry Lip Balm. Don’t wait!

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