Who says vegans don’t like bacon?

In the spring of 2013, when I was just starting Molly Rose Balms, I wanted something different. I don’t know why. But boring lip balm flavors were not my thing. Peppermint? Cherry? Vanilla? No way. But different wasn’t enough. I wanted weird.

Bacon Lip Balm satisfied my weird craving – smoky, savory, and decidedly different. Little did I know at the time, but novelty lip balms were already a thing. Oh well. That didn’t seem to matter, because Bacon quickly became my best-selling product of 2013 by a long shot. So much so that I went on to create Maple Bacon Lip Balm and Chocolate-Covered Bacon Lip Balm, though neither went on to reach the same popularity as their predecessor individually. However, the 3 Strips of Bacon Gift Set remains one of our best-sellers.

However, the 3 Strips of Bacon Gift Set remains one of our best-sellers.

Next week, we continue with the weird and wonderful world of bacon with Maple Bacon Lip Balm, the sweet and smoky sister to Bacon Lip Balm.

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