A subtle sweet and smoky combination for smooth and silky lips.

Before going vegan, I had an addiction to bacon. Not being an early riser, just about the only thing that could get my out of bed on a Sunday morning was the smell of smoky bacon and a pot of coffee. But I was never really a fan of maple bacon. I usually enjoy -savory-sweet-salty combinations, and I loved both maple and bacon separately, but maple bacon? Nah, not so much. That was until I was inspired to make it in a lip balm form.

After the huge success of Bacon Lip Balm, I decided to make it a part of a trio gift set. Maple Bacon Lip Balm was an obvious inclusion – flavored to replicate crispy smoked bacon with maple syrup and brown sugar. It’s sweet and rich, with just a touch of smokiness. I gave the flavor a subtlety that made it, for me at least, much more pleasing and palatable than the real thing.

Get your hands on the 3 Strips of Bacon Gift Set today!

Next week, we’ll finish the bacon trilogy with Chocolate-Covered Bacon Lip Balm, and why chocolate and bacon are a match made in heaven.

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