The continuing saga of self-indulgent storytelling.

So now the Etsy shop was launched, and I told everyone and anyone that I had started my own business. It was just a week or so before I had my first sale, and then they started trickling in with more and more momentum. I was finally able to return to work about a month later (to stunned stares with gaping mouths from coworkers who thought they were finally free of me, no doubt), but it was with a hope that I would not be dependent upon it for long.

About a month after that, I was offered a contract to sell my products in a new consignment shop about an hour away from where I live. Although that shop never opened due to ownership disputes, it gave me a much-needed early confidence boost that I was on the right track. I started applying to fair and craft shows, including in applications the most hideous display photo ever (the featured image of this post). I was super proud of it at the time! Unsurpisingly, I wasn’t accepted to any for another 1.5 years.

Summer came, and I learned about the (now obvious to me) perils of shipping lip balms. A lot of bad stuff can happen in the middle of July to a product primarily comprised of soft, creamy butters and oils. Luckily, I very quickly learned how to best package my products for the heat.

It’s also around this time that I started experimenting with body products. For nearly a year, I sold body butters and scrubs in jars. It would be quite a tumultuous year before I started selling body balms and scrubs in tubes.

In September, I decided to graduate to my own website. I love my website. It’s the online manifestation of all of my hard work. I like how clean it looks, its uncluttered appearance. I love the black and white look that allows the colorful products to pop. Best of all, it’s all mine. I know it’s not the most sophisticated looking piece of web design, but I did it all myself. I’m always tweaking it, improving it, adding to it. I just love it so much.

Day 0 of

Our first Christmas came, and boy, was I ready. I had spent months coming up with exciting and unique flavors, all of which are still available every holiday season. I was proud to give the fruits of my labors as gifts to loved ones.

Next week, we’ll find out the successes and innovations that 2014 brought to Molly Rose Balms, including how my vegan company turned me into a vegan.


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