Discovering my demographic… but not really.

I’ve been working on bettering the structure of my blog recently, and I was perusing Google, looking for a bit of inspiration. After a few searches, I can across an article entitled “21 Warning Signs You Chose the Wrong Topic for Your Blog“. I’m not really sure why I clicked on it. I love my blog, and I love the subjects I write about. But I thought I’d take a look. Here’s a quote that I thought was particularly applicable to me:

4. You’re writing to incompatible audiences. Let’s say you have a blog about vegetarianism and entrepreneurship. Every time you write a post for the vegetarians, the entrepreneurs are bored, and every time you write a blog post for entrepreneurs, the vegetarians are bored. The two audiences are incompatible.”

And you know what? He is absolutely right. It’s a terrible way to build a loyal audience. And let’s face it: no one wants to bore people. I especially don’t want to bore people with my blog. I enjoy writing, and I hope others enjoy what I write.

However, that doesn’t change why I started this website in the first place. Back when I first started Molly Rose Balms, I started a blog on the main website. I wrote about many of the things that I write about today: the starting of my business, why I started it, etc. But I was bored. I wanted to write about more than that. Sure, I could have started a second blog for recipes, a third for creative writing, and on and on.  But that’s not me. That’s not all of me.

I called this website Molly Rose Blogs because I, Molly Rose, am blogging. I’m not some invisible entity behind Molly Rose Balms. I’m not a home chef creating weekly gastronomic delights. I’m not a fact-minded professional product tester. I’m sure as hell not a life coach specializing in physical and mental pain. I’m Molly.  I like to talk about whatever I like to talk about.

So again, absolutely no shade to that blog post’s author as he is 100% correct. Writing about varied subjects will not attract a core audience. But that’s just not how Molly Rose blogs.

However, that does bring me to announce my new blogging schedule! For the past year and a half, I have written every Saturday about Molly Rose Balms, in the form of Product Profiles and all matters MRB. All other posts have been sprinkled haphazardly thoughout the rest of the week. Staring in March, the Saturday posts will remain the same, but Tuesdays will be the day for everything else. The monthly Tuesday schedule will be as follows:

Week 1 – Rambles: like this one, a bit of a grab bag of whatever’s on my mind
Week 2 – Vegan Recipe
Week 3 – Molly Reviews: products, restaurants, books, whatever takes my fancy!
Week 4 – Vegan Talk: comes under the “Rambles” category, but specifically about veganism
Week 5 (if there is one) – BONUS! Could be a Q & A, bonus recipe, bonus review, who knows!

I hope this is appealing to you, and that you stick around to see all of the cool stuff I have planned in the upcoming months!


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