A luxurious formula for moisturizing skin.

Not long after starting Molly Rose Balms, I knew I wanted to expand from lip balms to body products. My very first body item was Fairy Garden Body Scrub, available at that time in a jar rather than its current tube format. My second item, or rather my second attempt at an item, was Smooth Body Butter. I say attempt because I was incapable of giving it a consistent consistency. The first time was light and fluffy, the second was rock hard, and the third was oily and separated. Same ingredients, same method, vastly differing results. Luckily around the same time, I came across deodorant tubes from my packaging supplier, and I realized I could take that same Molly Rose lip balm formula and apply it to the body!


Smooth Body Balm is that same basic lip balm formula, but with the addition of sea buckthorn oil, which is known to help soothe and relieve many skin issues. Interesting fact: I use sea buckthorn oil as a colorant in all of my golden-hued products, such as Lemon Lavender Lip Balm and Gold Rose Salt Bomb!


Next week, we’ll look at another sea buckthorn beauty with Grapefruit Basil Body Scrub, the perfect winter refresher.

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