After last month’s meltdown, a semblance of composure.

I’ll keep this relatively short as I had several personal posts last month, but I wanted to say that, since my last post, things are running a little more smoothly in my life. Still stressed, still in a lot of pain, but for the moment, I’m doing better. I’m trying some new coping strategies, and I’ll talk about them once I’ve have a little more time. I’m still feeling a little dry creatively, but I think things should calm down within the next week or so. I’m slowly but steadily getting ready for the farmer’s markets this summer, and trying not to panic at my slow progress.

It’s difficult to come out of a depressive period. It’s hard for my brain to know when enough is enough. It’s almost like having an addiction to unhappiness. I tend to wallow in my depression rather than fighting against it.

As I said, I don’t want to go on and on in this post because I think I’ve overdone as moody and emotional thing in the past few weeks. What I will say is that I’m trying to cope with stress in a more productive and less destructive way. Basically, I’m working on losing my all-or-nothing compulsion!

So that’s all for today. Now back to work!


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