Create a mirror for the world around you.

I recently had a comment on a Vero post from a follower asking me how I come up with my ideas. The rather unhelpful answer is, everywhere.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t sometimes get creative blockages. There are certainly times when the muses are less than forthcoming in their generosity. However, I believe that I have become used to absorbing inspiration from strange and unusual places. From a summer cookout to a homemade Christmas gift, my ideas can come when I least expect them.

That doesn’t mean that every idea is a good idea. Remember my corndog lip balm? Or any of these monstrosities? The important thing to remember is not to assume every crazy idea is a bad one. Bacon Lip Balm was a crazy idea, but it remains one of my best-selling products.

Analyze and absorb your surroundings. Think laterally. Ask others’ opinions, but don’t let them discourage you if you truly feel inspired. Trust your instinct. Take a chance!

Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open, and you’ll be shocked at the abundance of new ideas you’ll have. The tricky part is what to create first!


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