With my birthday coming up tomorrow, what better time is there to talk about this scrub?

I’ve always loved my birthday. As a kid, we all love cake and presents and attention. As we grow up, there is an unspoken (well, sometimes unspoken, sometimes loudly spoken) rule that we’re supposed to forget about the anniversary of our birth. We’ve decided that growing old is terrible thing, and that we should cool it on the cruel reminders, apart from the occasional milestone year. I strongly disagree. I think it’s important to remember how far you’ve come, a celebration of your years, a holiday to share with just over 20 million people the world over. And yes, cake and presents don’t hurt.

Birthday Cake Body Scrub is a party in a tube. Scented like yellow cake and vanilla buttercream, and studded with real (vegan!) rainbow sprinkles, celebrate yourself every day with pampered, smooth skin.

Announcement #1:



Announcement #2:

On Tuesday, July 25th, we’ll be having our Christmas in July Sale, bringing back the entire Molly Rose Balms Holiday Collection for ONE DAY at 50% OFF! Also stay tuned on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that day to find out what the BRAND NEW Holiday lip balm flavor will be this year!

Next week, we’ll take a look at the infamous Cheese & Onion Crisps Lip Balm, and just why I would make such a weird flavor.




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