The end of plastic glitter is nigh.

The negative environmental effects of glitter have certainly been swarming all of my social media feeds lately. Scientists say glitter poses major environmental hazards, and many are calling for a global ban. Think about it: it’s plastic, getting into water systems and contaminating whole ecosystems. That’s not something I want to contribute to any longer.

My salt bombs have always had a “healthy” dose of glitter on top. At the moment, they are conspicuously missing from my the Molly Rose Balms website. That’s because they’re all getting a little makeover: starting in July, all Molly Rose Balms products containing glitter will use biodegradable glitter exclusively! (There are a few items with glitter on the website, like Roman Nougat Lip & Cheek Tint, but they’re all already made with bio glitter!)

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That’s not all there is to the salt bombs’ makeover, though. Tune in next week for more exciting news!

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