A deliciously sweet color for lips and cheeks!

I mentioned in a previous blog post about a particular batch of Everything Nice Lip & Cheek Tint that had some peculiar pigmentation issues. Instead of throwing the whole thing away, I tinkered and altered the batch to create the beautiful color you see here:

Terrible camera, beautiful color!

A beautiful chocolaty-brown with subtle berry sparkle sparkle needed an equally delicious fragrance. Thus Roman Nougat Lip & Cheek Tint was born!

The scent of Roman Nougat Lip & Cheek Tint is a luscious raspberry chocolate combo, reminiscent of raspberry truffles or chocolate-covered fruit-and-nut filled torrone. Of course, these confections aren’t typically vegan*, so Roman Nougat Lip & Cheek Tint satisfies those decadent cravings!

 *The nougat in the featured image is NOT vegan. I borrowed (and returned) chocolates from a box my non-vegan family was working on at the time. I would never purchase non-vegan items simply for a photo.

Next week, I’ll spill all the details on the secret project I’ve been working on!


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