Let the pungent aroma of the Easter season linger longer!

I love spring, and I especially love Easter. I have fond, pre-vegan memories of dyeing Easter eggs every year. Problem was, I was never really a big fan of hard-boiled eggs. After Easter, I’d put the eggs in the refrigerator, promising myself I’d make deviled eggs or egg salad, then coming up with any excuse not to. Eventually, usually a month or two later, I’d wonder what was stinking up the kitchen. And then I’d find them putrefying in the very back of the fridge. Happy memories!

Unfortunately, I no longer get the opportunity to experience that sulfuric feast for the olfactory nerves. Until now!

Rotten Egg Lip Balm is a symphony of post-Easter memories – a religious experience laced with biblical overtones of brimstone. Waves of nausea will wash over you as wafts of artisanally aged egg albumen trigger memories of Easters past… well, they’ll certainly trigger something.




I hope at this point it goes without saying, but…


If you’ve been following Molly Rose Balms for awhile, you’ll know that it’s a tradition for me to “release” a new Flavor of the Month every April 1st. Here’s a look at our previous delights:

Molly Rose Balms’s April Fools’ releases, 2014-2016.


April’s REAL Flavor of the Month is Cherry Blossom, available now through the end of April. If you’d like to read about last year’s “new” flavor, check it out here.

Next week, learn the history of my April Fools series!

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